About Us

Necessity and the desire to make a difference led to the formation of Adbim Stores during the pandemic of 2020.


We believe inequitable distribution of the world’s resources is responsible for the state of the world today – the hungry millions, the countless refugees, people’s inhumanity to one another, the heartbreak and hopelessness of many lives and the multitude trying to escape persecution, injustice and economic hardship. We hope to make a difference to the state of world. We are encouraged by Bill Gates who along with many others championed the eradication of polio in the world, by Warren Buffett who along with many others have pledged to make a difference in the world with The Giving Pledge, by Mark Zuckerberg who have pledged to “end all illness” with a substantial donation to medical research…


How do we intend to make a difference? Please come with us on this journey which will unfold as we progress. Hope to see you come along.